Mediroot believes in the highest moral values and business ethics. Once a contract is made with a customer, we strongly aim at following it in its true spirit regarding quality of product, packing, timing, or any other specific needs of the importer.


Prices are stable for one year, after which they may be subject to a change depending upon general price increase of steel. Product prices are revised according to raw material and craftsmanship at year end.


We require a minimum order of US$1000 to process a delivery.


We require an advance payment of 50% of the face value of total order. Rest of the payment shall be made before of delivery, during which the customer is open to examine/check their delivered items. All goods remain property of Mediroot until paid in full.


Freight and shipping charges may be added depending on the nature of delivery, unless otherwise stated.


A great deal of effort is made on packing your order with great care, please inspect the merchandise thoroughly for any loss or damage immediately on receipt and file claim with the forwarding agent. Concealed loss or damage must be reported within 3 days upon receipt.


No returns are accepted without prior notices. Please call customer service to obtain your invoice number. We reserve the right to examine returned goods before issuing credit. Special order products or goods sold on a non-return basis may not be returned. Returns must be made within 21 days of the invoice date. Our services team will carry out all repairs quickly and reliably.



Private Label products have grown rapidly in recent years as more businesses and distributors realize the potential success and rewards offered. A brand is your distinction in the market place, it is not a logo nor an advertisement. Your brand is the feeling you create that surrounds your product and becomes a recognition of your customers. Ultimately, Private Labeling offers you brand protection – essential for unlimited business growth and success! We provide you with the opportunity to develop your own brand. We will assist you to develop and realize your own branded products through Private Label Contract Manufacture. Any of the Mediroot instruments shown on our website are available for private label. It is as simple as picking out one of the instrument from our website. We will take care of the rest. With low minimum order requirements, having your company logo on an instrument is quite affordable. Our instruments are also available without logos and labels. We consider our OEM relationships proprietary. To protect our customer s interests, we do not disclose their details. As an industry leader in surgical instruments manufacturing, we can support new project research and development with many years of experience in providing OEM services, we have the resources and knowledge to achieve your project objectives. We provide unmatched experience and customer service with complete confidentiality. We have a proven track record of over 10 years in the manufacturing industry. Please send us your inquiry or contact us for your OEM / Private Brand Label requirements.


By utilizing the skills of only the best instrument makers and listening to the needs of the customer, Mediroot instruments has developed an unrivalled reputation for quality, honesty and value for money. We specialize in the repair, maintenance and servicing of all types and brands of surgical instrumentation. Our skills as instrument makers overlap into our instrument repair division producing results that cannot be matched by other “repair” companies.


Mediroot instruments specializes in design and development of customized surgical instruments based on customer’s needs and specifications. Our fully functional and competent research and development department delivers excellence in product design and development. By liaising closely with surgeons and healthcare providers we are able to develop a unique understanding of their exact instrument requirements. This insight into the needs of the surgeon coupled with our skills as instrument technicians enables us to assist you with turning your ideas into a working prototype. Mediroot instruments can also redesign, reconfigure or modify existing instruments to the customers exact specifications.


Treatment of brand new Instruments

Brand new instruments must be cleaned before the first sterilization or use. Protective caps and protective films must be removed completely, for example in the case of chisels, raspatories or microsurgical instruments.

Cleaning-Disinfection-Sterilization of motor systems and handpieces

Mediroot instruments motor systems and the handpieces require maintenance and are renowned worldwide for their reliability. Premature wear and malfunctions can be avoided by following the instructions for care listed below and the lubrificating instructions for the handpieces in the respective instructions for use. If the devices need repair or maintenance after all, please contact your local Mediroot instruments representative.

After Use

For machine cleaning, place instrument in a wire basket suitable for the cleaning process (make sure cleaning solution and rinse water from maschine comes into contact with all parts of instrument). Completely dismantle any dismantable instruments. Preferably dry disposal. For wet disposal, use an active cleaning disinfectant. Rinse the instrument thoroughly with clear, flowing water before machine cleaning and disinfection. If necessary, treat with ultrasound according to the manufacture's instructions:

Manual Cleaning/Disinfection

Place instrument into a suitable disinfectant with active cleaning properties so that all surfaces, inner cavities, lumens and openings come into contact with the solution. Follow the disinfectant manufacturer's instructions. After chemical disinfection, always rinse thoroughly with clear, flowing water. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of disinfectant. Remove any dirt still clinging to the instrument with a soft synthetic brush. Do not use a scouring or metal brush. Clean any lumens and conduits with soft, round, synthetic brushes. Please note, the lumen and the brush must have the same diameter. Final rinsing to be done with distilled or deionized water. Dry instrument with an absorbent, soft and lint-free cloth. Dry lumens and conduits with compressed air.

Machine Cleaning/Disinfection

Select the program according to the material (e.g. stainless instrument steel, aluminium) of the instrument to be cleaned. Follow the machine manufacturer's instructions. Final rinsing to be done with deionized water. Leave sufficient time for drying. Remove the instrument from the machine immediately after the program is done.


Let instrument cool down to room temperature. Lubricate movable parts (e.g. joints and ends) slightly with special sterilization-capable, vapor-permeable lubricant (e.g. STERILIT oil spray JG 600 or Lubricant JG 598, physiologically safe according to DAB and § 31 LMBG). After each cleaning, disinfection process, check the instrument to make sure it is clean, it functions properly and it has not suffered any damage, e.g. bent, broken, factured or worn parts. Discard any damaged and defective instruments and replace.


Place instruments with the fine working end and/or microsurgery instruments in a suitable storage racks. Secure instruments with lock in the first detent.


Steam sterilization must be carried out according to a validated stream sterilization process (e.g. with a sterilizer meeting the specifications of EN 285 and validate according to EN 554). When using the fractionnal vacuum method, use the 134°C/2-bar program for sterilization with a minimum hold time of 5 minutes.